Leggero means “light” in Italian.
Here at leggero design we are dedicated to presenting a range of new and innovative products that share the core value of lightness, in all of its shades of meaning. The products that we feature here are light in their environmental impact and they actually weigh less than similarly constructed products.
The wave form that you see in all of our products is the common factor that allows us to use less raw material, decreasing the weight of the final object. Using our two proprietary processes Mondaplen® and cArtù™, we are able to corrugate almost any flexible material without the use of glue, maintaining the recyclability of the finished material.
Our company is located in Italy, the home of internationally recognised design excellence. We are able to sell and quickly deliver orders all around Europe thanks to Amazon, our ecommerce and logistics partner. When you click to buy or add a product to your shopping cart, you will be automatically pointed to Amazon.
If you have ideas for new products in line with our philosophy and style, or would like to ask about customisations or larger orders, please get in touch with us via the contact form or simply by writing to us at ecommerce@grifal.it.