Mondaplen® Outdoor and Gym Mat Black/Blue


Reversible mat for camping, poolside or beach, but it’s also perfect for exercise, fitness, yoga, pilates, workout and cross training. One side is waved and the other is flat. Includes drawstring carrying bag and elastic band. 60 cm x 172 cm x 1.5 cm thick.

  • the cross-linked polyethylene foam is great for making rocky, bumpy and uneven surfaces more comfortable. It is also provides good temperature insulation.
  • It’s reversible, one side is flat and the other is waved. Use the side that feels the best for your body
  • This mat is waterproof and washable with soap and water. It may be used outdoors for camping, picnics, poolside or at the beach.
  • Innovative corrugated structure achieves 1.5 cm thickness with less material; it weighs only 0.5 kgs.
  • Elegant design and it comes with a carrying bag and elastic band. High quality materials and construction, made in Italy.


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The Mondaplen® Outdoor and Gym Mat is one of the most innovative on the market, thanks to the material itself. The patented Mondaplen® technology is responsible for creating the waves that make this multi-purpose mat stand out from the crowd.

The waves absorb your weight to make you feel more comfortable while doing your exercises. The waved structure also allows us to achieve a thickness of 1.5 cm with less material, producing a much lighter mat.

If you choose to lay on the waved side, you will be able to experience a delicate gentle massage effect that may help to relax your muscles. Or use it on the flat side and the waves serve as shock absorbers against the floor.

Each mat comes with its own plastic drawstring tote bag and a thick elastic band to keep it rolled up when stored, so it’s also easy to travel with. It’s waterproof, washable and safe to use outdoors. The dimensions are 60 cm x 172 cm, and it’s about 1.5 cm thick, the perfect balance between comfort and compactness.

Also available in light blue/light blue.

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