Mondaplen® Wall Bumper Tiles: car door protectors


Mondaplen® Wall Bumper Tiles: lots more material, lower cost/square inch. Set of 4 self-adhesive protective foam panels, perfect car door protectors for garage walls. 4 panels of approx. 44 x 59 cm each. Colour: black

  • New format – more material for greater coverage and lower cost per sq. inch – 4 rectangular panels instead of the 2 strips of our original format.
  • Easy to apply, just peel off the paper backing and apply the bumpers to a clean and dry surface.
  • The foam can easily be cut to any shape and size with a pair of good scissors or sharp cutter.
  • You get a box containing 4 cross-linked polyethylene foam tiles (approx. 44 x 59 cm, 17.3 x 23.2 inches, each).
  • Thick, soft, durable and stylish, this product will protect your door edges from scrapes, scratches and dents.

Also available in packs of two strips [1.4 m x 17 cm = 4.6 feet x 6.7 inches]: in black or orange 

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Mondaplen® Wall Bumper Tiles are a great way to apply a durable yet soft padding to any surface. They are most commonly used for protecting car doors from getting scratched or damaged against garage walls.

It is important to thoroughly clean and carefully dry the wall before applying and to position it correctly the first time. All adhesives are weakened by repositioning.

They are simple to mount. Just unfold the tiles to their full size and peel away the plastic backing to expose the adhesive layer. Apply directly to wall at the correct height to align with the edge of the car door. If you need a different size or shape, just cut the material with a pair of good scissors or sharp utility knife.

These self-adhesive padded foam tiles are constructed out of an impact-absorbing material made from cross-linked polyethylene foam that has been formed into waves and heat welded onto an adhesive layer using our patented Mondaplen® process.

Each box contains 4 cross-linked polyethylene foam tiles (approx. 44 x 59 cm, 17.3 x 23.2 inches, each).

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